Saturday, May 21, 2011

Makeup. Glitter. Espionage.

In honor of my very first blog post, I'd like to introduce you all to a bad-ass new makeup company known as Espionage Cosmetics. If I could make my font glittery in honor of this post, I totally would. 

Let me start off by saying that I personally know the founder of this company, and she just oozes raw talent. Not only does she run this makeup company (with the help of her awesome friend, who just happens to be a US Marine) but she also owns her own wedding planning business, floral design business, and is also a professional, MUD certified makeup artist. She knows what the hell she's talking about. 

This little quote is taken from their Facebook fan page, 

"We firmly believe that awesome is a color. We wear it every day."

This company is based out of Seattle, WA. and is the brain-child of a severe glitter addict. That being said, I'm extremely happy that this company is open and business is under way. I'm excited for all that is to come for Espionage Cosmetics, and even more excited for customers to get a taste of the glittery-rainbow-explosion that is Espionage Cosmetic's creator.  

If you know what's good for you, you'll keep an eye on this company. I highly recommend heading on over to their Facebook page to give them a "Like". While you're there, leave a comment saying that "Mary O." sent you. While you're at it, keep an eye on this blog as well. Within the next week or so, I'll be doing a special giveaway that involves Espionage Cosmetics. You won't want to miss it. :) 



Pili said...

Yay! I can comment now! And I already went and liked her facebook! Welcome to blogger Marykitten!

FabulouslyFierce said...

Mmmm, makeup!